FAQ: Australian Bush Flower Essences

There are some questions about Australian Bush Flower Essences that come up every time I run one of my Bush Essences Introductory Courses or during my Correspondence Course Tutoring, so I thought it’s high-time I collated them to create a permanent reference resource: whether you are new to the Bush Essences or even just as a reminder for anyone who already uses them.

(If you would like to have a question added to this, please post your comment below as I will be editing this as time goes on).

Q. How do Bush Flower Essences work?

A. This isn’t a question that can usually be answered in one line, but effectively they ‘train’ your energy field, and help you release repressed negative emotions, which in turn allows your body to naturally heal itself.

Note: if you would like to explore this question further, consider my courses or in a Level 1, 2 , 3 or Correspondence Course through Australian Bush Flower Essences).

Q. Do Bush Flower Essences produce any side effects?

A. No – because they are an energetic remedy, they do not have a physical effect on the body.

Q. If I have allergies or hayfever, can I still take Bush Flower Essences?

A. Typically yes – because all flowers are removed from the water during the process, no physical allergens have been analysed as existing in the resulting dose Essences.

Q. Will Bush Flower Essences interfere with my medications or specific dietary requirements?

A. No – because they are an energetic remedy, they do not have a physical effect on the body, medications or other therapies.

Q. Can Bush Flower Essences be taken by new-born babies, the elderly and even my pets or livestock?

A. Yes, as they are an energetic medicine, anyone (of any species!) can use them, at any life stage.

Q. How do I use Bush Flower Essences?

A. Bush Flower Essences are typically taken as 7 drops under your tongue, first thing in the morning, and just before you go to bed. Other ways they can be used are in creams, mists or added to your bath.

Q. Can I substitute something else for the brandy added to a dose bottle of Bush Flower Essences?

A. While brandy is the best choice for preserving Essences, if you are not able to use it, or are administering Essences for someone who cannot drink alcohol, then you are able to make up the Essence using just purified spring water, and store it in the fridge at all times (Essences made with no preservative will normally need to be used within 2 weeks – compare this with dose bottles lasting 2 years if made using brandy as a preservative).

Look out for more FAQ articles in future and remember to leave a comment below if you would like me to answer one of your questions!

Yours in flowering health,

Clare ~ Baliena Flower Therapies 

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