The 12 Essences of Christmas Series – Third Day…

Day 3 of the 12 Essences of Christmas

On the third day of Christmas, Australian Bush Flower Essences gave to me… Dagger Hakea (Hakea teretifolia).

We started off the series two days ago covering the positive aspects of opening your heart and manifesting everything you desire. Today, we get back to basics in order to clear out any residual emotions that may be holding you back from enjoying the people around you this Christmas.

One of those major aspects that can really ‘press your buttons’ at this time of year is the fact that you often come face-to-face with relatives and previous acquaintances who you normally choose not to spend time with. Given the ‘prickly’ situation this can put you in (and you’ll understand this pun a bit further on), the best Essence to help you is Dagger Hakea: the remedy in the Australian Bush Flower Essences range that helps us deal with releasing old resentment and creating forgiveness.

Dagger Hakea can help you open your heart to forgiveness

Lack of forgiveness is one of the major issues that many people allow to rule their lives: holding them back from living the life they truly desire. I tend to believe that the main reason many of us allow a lack of forgiveness to have such control over us, is because we believe that to forgive others is to condone their past behaviours. In fact, quite the opposite is true: forgiveness sets ourselves free from the situation and person, allowing us to move on with our lives in a new direction, rather than constantly looking over our shoulder at the rocky path we have already travelled and feeling we need to keep all our energy invested in guarding ourselves from future ‘attacks’.

So let’s take a look at how Dagger Hakea Essence can help you prepare for an easier, lighter and more joy-filled Christmas:

  • Forgiving those people you may have to meet with this Christmas: As mentioned above, in order to feel comfortable with the people who have ‘wronged’ us, we need to free ourselves from the past by forgiving the person or people involved (including ourselves). Dagger Hakea Essence can help you to feel willing to do this, and even just declaring your intent to forgive is enough to start you on the path to forgiveness. Forgiveness exercises such as writing a pretend letter to the person you are angry with, or imagining you are confronting the person in a role-play scenario, are very helpful to release the ‘stale’ resentful energy and move you towards a place of peace.
  • Be the one to extend the ‘olive branch’ this holiday season: Simply put, Dagger Hakea Essence can help you be the peacemaker this season. How often do we hold back from forgiving someone for something that happened so many years ago that neither party can remember who started what and who should apologise first? It sounds absurd, and in fact, it is! So by taking this Essence, you can embrace the true spirit of the season and move us all a little closer to achieving ‘peace on earth’: one person at a time.
  • See others through eyes of compassion, rather than judgement: When we judge the actions others have done to us, we actually give them power over us. So rather than clinging to the past actions of others that caused you grief, sadness, irritation or hurt, Dagger Hakea Essence can assist you in viewing the other person with compassionate eyes: meaning you will have the ability to see that not everything is as it seems, and that sometimes we need to see what another has been through themselves, to understand why they act they way they do. Again, this is never condoning inappropriate behaviours, but rather realising that if you put yourself in that same situation with the same childhood and the same set of values as the other person, you may actually act the same way.
  • Allow others to get to know the real you, without the ‘barbs’: One of the key ways in which we ascertain the qualities of a flower once made into an Essence is by a principle known as ‘The Doctrine of Signatures’. This concept enhances our understanding of an Essence’s qualities by observing aspects of the flower, including what it resembles, how it grows and even the smells and colours of a flower. One of the key Doctrines of Dagger Hakea is that it has really large and sharp barbs sticking out of what is actually a beautiful smelling flower, which you would otherwise want to touch and smell – however to do so could cause you pain or injury, so you tend to only longingly observe the flower from afar. This is the same as the type of person who holds onto old resentments (i.e. the ‘barbs’), and therefore no one can get close to the person to enjoy their beauty (i.e. the delicious smell, colour and softness of the flower). So the Dagger Hakea Essence can help you to ‘drop the barbs’ you may have erected around yourself from past resentments, and allow others to get to know who you really are.

Well that’s our third Essence over, and we are heading in the direction of having a fantastic Christmas with an open heart, lots of amazing gifts and free of our resentful pasts!

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the fourth day of Christmas Essences (remember to subscribe so you don’t miss out on any of the Essences!).

Floral blessings to you,
Clare ~ Baliena Flower Therapies

© 2010 Clare Chapman T/As Baliena Flower Therapies, All Rights Reserved

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