Beating those Back-to-School Blues: Australian Bush Flower Essence-style!

Australian Bush Flower Essences can help your child or teenager deal with those Back-to-School Blues

It is impossible for me not to remember how miserable I used to feel as a child when those ‘Back-to-School’ advertisements started appearing on television straight after Christmas each year: escalating in frequency as the end of January, and as its imminent arrival of school, closed in on me!

Hopefully many people are now becoming aware of how much school can contribute to a state of depression in children, with many feeling as though they are trapped in an institution that controls their available choices: giving them little room to be individual or independent; challenging them intellectually and socially in ways they often won’t have faced before; sometimes offering them little stimulation or too much stimulation; and at worst, leading to dangerous feelings of depression and despair.

With so much opportunity for children and teenagers to experience adverse emotions such as stress, low self-esteem, anger, sadness, jealousy, rejection and isolation, both parents and teachers need to be aware that all of these emotions left to escalate can contribute to dangerous levels of depression* and potentially worse situations such as teenage suicide*. The important role that parents, teachers and even older siblings can play in this situation, is to become more aware of the warning signs during times when a child or teen IS still managing to cope with the challenges, rather than waiting until they are feeling overwhelmed by them and may have reached a dangerous state of mind.

Before I proceed further, I do need to make it clear that it is not my recommendation that you should ever rely solely on using the Australian Bush Flower Essences to help your child or teenager to deal with the myriad of complex emotions or even the depression they may be facing (you definitely do need to seek professional help for serious issues at the same time by visiting your local health-care or mental-health professional and referring to the support services listed at the bottom of the article). What I am recommending though, is that you can use the Australian Bush Flower Essences to help prevent some of these emotions from getting out of control before problems have appeared and while you are receiving other professional treatment for problems that are already present. For some people, the concept of treating problems that have not yet arisen may seem odd or unfamiliar, but the old adage that ‘prevention is better than cure’ has much merit and the former is definitely easier to administer than the latter.

One of the easiest ways that you can use the Australian Bush Flower Essences is by using the pre-formulated Combinations, available ready-to-use at many health food stores and pharmacies or through your preferred Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner. For the sake of maintaining a reasonable length blog post for you (!), I will refer to only 3 of the 17 Combinations in this powerful range: ‘Adol’, ‘Calm & Clear’ & ‘Cognis’. You can use these alternately or simply choose the appropriate combination based on the types of emotions that may be potential problems for your children and teens. Using these Essence Combinations can help them to feel more fulfilled when going back to school, help them build up their self-esteem so they can handle life their own way and help them to view their upcoming school year through optimistic eyes, instead of feeling a sense of dread that yet another school year is still ahead of them.

Dealing with Stress & Worry

Black-eyed Susan is one of the Essences in the 'Calm & Clear' Combination

No doubt I have said it before in one of my previous posts, and you probably would have heard it from other health writers as well, but there simply isn’t a condition of ill-health that is not linked to stress in some capacity. This is quite helpful to know, since it means you can help to deal with stress now: whether you know that your child or teen is stressed or not, it is always going to be beneficial to reduce the potential for stress in your child’s life. The Combination that deals with stress best is the ‘Calm & Clear’ Essence Combination and it contains the individual Essence, Black-eyed Susan, which is most commonly used to combat the thoughts and emotions that lead to stress. This Combination can help them to slow down, know their own limitations and be content with progressing in school and in their relationships at their own rate. It can also help them to build up their resistance to stress, so when they do face a situation that would normally bring about an automatic stress response, they will instead have the ability to face it courageously and with a steady-mind. And if they do face a stressful situation during their day, it is a great Combination to give them when they get home from school to help them return to their usual self or attain a new level of calm.

Building up Self-Esteem

Again, as with stress, there isn’t a person alive who couldn’t benefit from improving their level of self-esteem: as an adult, you would most likely remember just how much your levels of esteem take a ‘hit’ throughout your childhood and teenage years. There are so many reasons why self-esteem suffers during your child’s school years, but they often revolve around your child or teen feeling like they are different from everyone else, feeling as though they might be smarter or slower than other children around them, feeling as though they are not worthy of the attention of their classmates, and the list goes on. The ‘Adol’ Essence Combination is a great one to use for a child or teen who needs help building up their self-esteem, and the Essence working on this quality within that Combination is Five Corners. This Combination can help your child to develop a healthy level of self-love so they are confident enough to show their face to the world without compromising their own integrity: no matter how different they feel they are from everyone else.

Improving Learning Abilities

Bush Fuchsia is one of the Essences in the 'Cognis' & 'Calm & Clear' Combinations

While there are many reasons for a child to start to become disruptive or difficult in school, one of the most common reasons is their inability to keep-up with their school work: whether they have actual learning difficulties, have been diagnosed as having ADHD, or are simply bored with the content of their work. The Essence Combination which is so useful in all these situations for children and teens (and adults for that matter – but that’s another article!) is ‘Cognis’ Essence Combination. There are several Essences at work within this Combination that are so beneficial to your child, but one of the major components is Bush Fuchsia Essence. This is a very powerful Essence and has many uses such as balancing mental abilities, helping with speech and hearing difficulties, and even improving hand-eye co-ordination in sports.

Avoiding Rejection & Isolation

I’m sure you would agree that one of the major issues affecting or influencing most teenagers is their attempt to discover who they are and develop the courage to openly show their own individual personality. Unfortunately, one of the major outcomes for many teens who are trying to be more ‘comfortable in their own skin’ is to feel like they are different from other teens around them – and so they resort to masking their real personality for fear of being rejected by their peers. Often teens feel like their only choice is to be independent and risk rejection by fellow teens, or become a carbon-copy of their ideal role models or classmates, and feel isolated because they feel that no one appreciates their true identity. No matter what the reason behind these feelings of rejection or isolation, the ‘Adol’ Essence Combination can really help to prevent these feelings before they have taken over. One of the main Essences helping with these issues in the ‘Adol‘ combination is the Tall Yellow Top Essence, which can help with these feelings of isolation and eventual depression that can develop if these emotions are not dealt with appropriately.

But wait, there’s more …

I realise what I have covered above is metaphorically the ‘tip of the iceberg’ when it comes to the complexity of children’s and teen’s emotional problems, but I hope it is at least a good starting point to get you thinking about how you can use the Essences for your own family. The beauty of the Combination range from Australian Bush Flower Essences is just that: you can self-select and work out what you want to deal with next, because they are clearly labelled for the different issues they each deal with. So get down to your local health food store or pharmacy and take a good look, or check out the whole range online here at the Australian Bush Flower Essences website. And if you really want to get into using Australian Bush Flower Essences for your family (or for your clients) you really should consider attending one of my upcoming authorised Australian Bush Flower Essences Weekend College Courses to learn more detailed information on what they can do for you.

* If you do know a child or teenager who you are concerned about or who does require professional help dealing with depression or other overwhelming emotions, visit Youth Beyond Blue to find available help or call Kid’s Help Line on 1800 55 1800.

Until next time!

Yours in flowery wellness,
Clare ~ Baliena Flower Therapies

© 2011 Clare Chapman T/As Baliena Flower Therapies, All Rights Reserved

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2 thoughts on “Beating those Back-to-School Blues: Australian Bush Flower Essence-style!

  1. mareena says:

    I just wish I could find some sensible reviews/experiences of people [not affiliated with flower essences] who have used bush flower essences.
    Or for that matter Bach essence reviews. I have used them off and on since the eighties but am not convinced- Just like the craze for reiki it is very hard to get honest sceptical[open minded] evaluation- Too much breathless belief not enough genuine research- unfortunately like astrology, reiki etc the practitioners themselves are very reluctant to to concede the necessity for research let alone undertake it-There is far too much on the net from salespeople and practitioners [in otherwords those with a vested interest] and almost zilch from real peoples experience-Perhaps you can point me to some?


    • Clare Chapman says:

      Hi Mareena,

      Thanks for your feedback and I can understand your thoughts – I am also someone discerning and open-minded who doesn’t just believe what I am told. I do not use the word skeptical to describe myself, as I do not believe it is necessary to disbelieve something, before I have investigated it! I simply maintain an open mind and often have to rely on my own intuition and what it tells me, mostly by trying things for myself.

      I certainly don’t consider myself as having a ‘vested interest’, believe me you don’t aim to or get rich from administering flower essences!!! And originally I started out not knowing if they worked and wondering myself – but found out they did by trying them. My purpose is to introduce people to a very easy-to-use remedy that has no side effects and it is purely a choice if someone wants to use that remedy and see if it helps them. If you do want to study them further, there are many workshops you can attend (visit for a list) that can help you find more information about results people have had from them and I would highly recommend reading founder, Ian White’s books ( to get the full story about them and their uses.

      My own experience using them has been evidence enough for me, and perhaps that is the evidence you need, is to try them for yourself (I certainly never expect anyone to believe everything they told, but your own experience never lies!). As an aside, there is a massive catalogue of case studies compiled over the past 20+ years the Australian Bush Flower Essences have been in use, both from practitioners and people who have submitted testimonials, detailing practical results that have been achieved. You can email for more information about them.

      I hope that helps you!

      Kind regards,


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