Do you need help learning?


“It takes courage to put yourself in the uncomfortable situations that learning often forces you to navigate.”

Lately I have been considering learning to speak Japanese, since I regularly interact with Japanese students in my role as tutor for the Australian Bush Flower Essences Correspondence Course. While not compulsory for me to do my job, I know it would help me create a much clearer understanding for my students, since learning something new is hard enough – without also having to do it in a second language (and I have the highest respect for anyone who tries it)!

But I have found that just considering learning something new has brought up those familiar levels of anxiety, self-doubt and wonderment (as in ‘I wonder if I can possibly learn something that seems so difficult to me in this moment’). It occurs to me that I don’t pay much heed to just how a big a step anyone is taking whenever they say, ‘I have just started learning to play the piano’ or ‘I am learning to drive’. It takes courage to put yourself in the uncomfortable situations that learning forces you to navigate. Whenever any of us is faced with learning something new, the initial reaction is usually a feeling of incredible vulnerability and even the urge to quit: to stick with the familiar and forget about it.

To make the prospect of learning a little less uncomfortable, I want to write about how you can use Australian Bush Flower Essences as your faithful companion throughout the learning process: to support those vulnerable moments and ensure you continue on your learning-path – even when the task at hand seems near-impossible.

A good place to start is the retail combination, Cognis, which is ideal for anyone who is studying or learning something new: whether it is by choice or mandatory learning (such as in a school or work environment).

But for more specific needs, consider the following Bush Essences (you can use them individually if one of them particularly matches your situation, or you can combine them to create a custom-combination that is built especially for your unique needs):

Freshwater Mangrove: helps you think more broadly, so you can absorb information in different and non-linear ways. If you have a tendency to be a bit set in your ways when it comes to your style of learning (e.g. it needs to be in a class-room or you can only respond to something presented in writing) then this may also help you broaden your outlook, and thereby expand your learning options.

Crowea: if learning makes you feel worried (before you have even enrolled in the course!), then this Bush Essence is for you. Helps release those ‘butterflies’ in the stomach, too.

Paw Paw: the ideal choice if you feel that all the new aspects you are learning are flying at you with death-defying speed – leaving you feeling totally lost and overwhelmed as a result.

Australian Bush Flower Essence: Dog Rose

Dog Rose

Dog Rose: are you thinking thoughts like, ‘I’ll never learn this!’ or ‘Why can’t I be as smart as everyone else who can already do this?’ This Bush Essence will help build your confidence and thereby alleviate your fears of failure – freeing your thoughts so you can concentrate on learning again.

Dog Rose of the Wild Forces: do your hands quiver while taking a test or when you think about that oral assessment you’re going to have to give in order to pass a task? This Essence will help you keep steady so you can instead put your energy into learning and finding enjoyment in the journey (this is in the Emergency combination, so you may find that to be a useful way to use this Bush Essence).

Boab: are you the first one in your family to go to university or alternatively are you from a family of scholars and you’re just not interested in a life of formal learning? Boab is really helpful for ‘cutting you off’ from family patterns you don’t desire, especially if you are the ‘black sheep’ of your family and family members don’t necessarily agree with your different choices to learn or not learn.

Kapok Bush: are you a quitter? Do you even bother trying to learn anything or is it no use because you’ve decided you’ll fail, before you’ve even started (after all, you’ve failed before)? This is YOUR Bush Essence then, as it gives you hope that anything is possible and you can always create a better outcome.

Little Flannel Flower

Little Flannel Flower

And finally, my last Bush Essence recommended for learning is Little Flannel Flower, which can remind you that learning can be a fun experience – and if it is mandatory learning you are enrolled in, it just may help you find ways to make it fun anyway!

Do you have a favourite Bush Essence you’ve used while studying or learning? Be sure to share it below and tell us all how it helped you.

Wishing you flowering health & learning!

Clare ~ Baliena Flower Therapies

© 2012 Clare Chapman T/As Baliena Flower Therapies, All Rights Reserved

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4 thoughts on “Do you need help learning?

  1. N. Kennedy says:

    I am trying to learn a whole bunch of new skills at the moment, and am feeling very overwhelmed. I’m currently taking Chestnut Bud and Mimulus, but the Bush Essences sound quite interesting. Do these they also take several weeks to work? I think I’ll have to give Paw Paw a go.


    • Clare Chapman says:

      Thanks for your comment – definitely Paw Paw is a good Bush Essence to use when trying to absorb a lot of new information at once (and if you can find the Cognis combination, then this includes Paw Paw plus several other Bush Essences that also assist memory, focus, and balancing the mind). As for how long they take to work, many people say they work very quickly (myself included), but each journey is always personal and individual. My advice: give it a try for yourself!


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