Is there a right or wrong way to use flower essences?

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There are some questions that come up at virtually every workshop I teach, and one of them is, ‘can I make a mistake when choosing flower essences for myself or someone else’?

While I wouldn’t use the word ‘mistake’, as with anything in life there are definitely more effective ways you can use flower essences to gain the best results. And that means there are also less effective ways to use them, too.

Let’s look at an example of someone wanting to learn how to hammer nails into timber. You might first watch someone experienced do it, before testing their instructions for yourself. When you accidentally hit your thumb using their tips, you would then modify your technique and test it again. Once you’ve succeeded a few times, this mentally would become your way of approaching the task from then on. After a while, you might even go on to share your own experience with a friend, your children or even in a handy ‘how-to’ Youtube video – for those who are now where you started out!

My point is, there are always better and worse ways to do anything. Ultimately, the optimum ways gain the best results; for yourself and others.

In the case of Australian Bush Flower Essences (or any range of flower essences for that matter) there are many ways to start learning, but you essentially would want to consider:

  • Hearing about the experiences of a teacher who has already used flower essences extensively;
  • Assessing their perspectives and feedback, both from using essences themselves and giving them to their clients;
  • Researching the good, average or less-than-average results achieved by other practitioners who have tested particular essences and combinations for specified emotional states;
  • Learning the better ways flower essences can be used, and also ways others have used them that haven’t worked quite so well; and then
  • Applying what you have learned by practicing choosing flower essences for yourself and eventually even clients – thereby logging your own results, errors and successes, and gaining your own experience.

While there are certainly books, DVDs and reference cards to help you work out which Bush Flower Essence might be recommended for a particular emotional condition, attending live workshops or retreats with experienced teachers can enable you to learn extra abilities, like how to feel which Essences are the best selection for you or someone else. It is often through these subtle, energetic and intuitive techniques that the best flower essence choices are made. Learning with someone who can also teach you these nuances will enable you to truly tap into your ‘whole’ healing ability, and ultimately the deeper potential effects of flower essences.

So the next time you wonder, ‘Why would you still need to attend a workshop or retreat these days to learn, when you can just ask Google?’, I challenge you to ask yourself if there is ever a substitute for real-life guidance from an experienced mentor who can extend your learning experience beyond just trite information and anecdotes.

Yours in flowering health,
Clare xo

P.S If now feels like the right time for you to delve into learning more about energy therapies, flower essences, the Chakra system and how your emotions are affecting your health, then you might want to check out my upcoming Bush Essences Intro Course.


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