If Southern Cross Flower Essence were a song, it might be ‘Crucify’ (by Tori Amos)

Some time ago I started a series of songs that for me express the energy of a particular Australian Bush Flower Essence (you can see my first song choice for Waratah here).

There are many ways to learn all about the healing qualities of a flower, and I believe one intuitive way is through song. Songs often have the ability to express an emotion or state of mind better than a written description ever could – with the added bonus of the artist’s unique but relatable perspective.

So why do I believe ‘Crucify’ by Tori Amos is a good audio representation of the Southern Cross flower essence?

Victim card

For me, this song embodies the emotions and perspective of someone who is used to carrying the ‘victim card’ but is growing tired of it (and we can all experience these feelings at some time in our life). It speaks of how you can end up feeling when you develop a perspective that things in life happen to you, or that you have no voice, or you can’t do anything to change things.

Yes, ‘bad’ things do happen sometimes. And yes, sometimes it seems like they only happen to us (and definitely not for us). But the reality is that this perspective only exists when we look at things from our small / egoic / limited / human perspective. In order to gain the upper hand in this battle with our mind, we need to consider that everything that happens may be necessary; is almost certainly interlinked with everything that ever happened or will happen; and is definitely only understandable from a Higher perspective. And in fact, we often won’t ever be privy to this Higher perspective while in this form here on Earth; even though we do need to learn to trust our Higher Self who does indeed have this perspective and can guide us with complete wisdom and surety as a result.

Do you see yourself as a victim?
Southern Cross flower – image courtesy of aussiepythons.com

This is why I love flower essences so much; often the only way forward is to dissolve the way you are seeing and, therefore, thinking about the world. In turn, this can help you create different resulting emotions, paving a new path forward. Southern Cross is just that flower to help you become aware of the power you do own, even when you don’t feel like you do.

I encourage you to listen to this song as many times as you feel you want or need to – you might even want to bookmark and revisit this post when you feel drawn. You could also try listening with your eyes open and watching the video, then listen again with your eyes closed to compare its effects on you.

Most importantly:

1. Listen without expectation.

2. Set a personal intention to be open to receiving your own personal message from the flower.

3. If you have a bottle of Southern Cross, you could even take a dose of it while listening to expand its impact within you. Or you could energetically connect with the flower visually above.

You might also want to check out the lyrics here.


Yours in flowering health,
Clare xo

© 2015 Clare Chapman T/As Baliena Flower Therapies, All Rights Reserved


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