Personal Flower Essence Consultations

Book your personal Flower Essence Consultation with experienced Australian Bush Flower Essence practitioner, Clare Chapman.



With a one-on-one consultation, I can develop a unique treatment plan to suit your personal needs. Using a series of emails, we will work out your chosen goal or outcome for this consultation (we don’t work in person nor are any expensive phone calls required – and I can work with you anywhere in the world).

Using a combination of professional knowledge, experience and energetic intuition, I will choose the flower essences you personally need to help you get past the emotional ‘blocks’ standing in your way; and I will develop and email you a brief plan to support your healing and help you move towards your desired outcome. If you live in Australia, I will also post you a bottle of the flower essences that I have prescribed to assist your treatment (if you live overseas, you will need to locate these for yourself).

About my consultation processes and experience

I don’t use pre-formulated treatment plans from books nor prescribe based on generic personality types. Since I have professionally studied, immersed myself in, and practiced with Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE) for the past 14 years; taught the official ABFE Introductory and Practitioner Skills Courses to other practitioners throughout Australia for 10 years (plus was employed by ABFE to train and support other teachers to teach these courses, too!); and continue to study and use these flower essences constantly, you can be assured I will give you individualised, skilled attention and an individual treatment plan that will offer the support you need.

*** You can read more about my experience and education here ***

Consultation options

I do my utmost to keep costs down for my clients, but I am also keenly aware as an energy medicine practitioner that I have to value my time, knowledge, extensive experience – as well as the thousands of dollars and hours I personally invested over the past 20 years on my own self-development and education so that I can now help you! Please be assured, however, that my fee is lower than the value, knowledge, commitment, experience and guidance I will give you in return.

Before you choose to work with me, however, please consider the following to ensure we are a suited to work together:

  • My Healing Principle # 1: No two people are the same nor is their path in life – so I cannot promise you what the results of a flower essence or combination will do for you.
  • My Healing Principle # 2: There is no such thing as a ‘quick fix’ – you will only get out of this consultation process what you put in. In fact, I believe this is a philosophy for life in general!
  • My Healing Principle # 3: Healing takes time and your entire commitment – don’t expect the contents of the bottle to change your life for you or do the healing work! Flower Essences are a catalyst, but YOU are the one who needs to respond by making the appropriate changes and taking action where needed.
  • Extra Point for Consideration: I don’t prescribe from a book, so you will understand why I won’t sell flower essences without a consultation, unless you are a prior student of mine or can specify exactly what you want without advice (and if you want to buy a self-prescribed blend, try here instead).

Do you still feel you are ready to start making real changes in your life? Then I know I can offer you strong assistance and support!

Personalised Flower Essence
Consultation Package

(completed via series of emails):

* If you live within Australia – $108 AUD
* If you live in any other country – $88 AUD **

** Price for overseas consultations does not include any posted essence bottles – you will need to find and purchase the recommended flower essence(s) within your country.

Your consultation package will include:

1 x Initial Consultation (60 Mins): 

I will email a consultation form to you to start the process and learn more about you and your needs. I will then spend 60 minutes (offline) assessing your desired outcomes and will compile and email back a treatment plan with recommendations to assist you. There will be the opportunity to email back with feedback and also to add additional information and feedback during the consultation period – ensuring you feel fully supported throughout.

At the time you are completing the form, keep in mind the following:

  • What are your overall goals for this consultation?
  • Are your problems physical, emotional, mental or spiritual?
  • Do you need help achieving a particular goal?
  • Do you need help letting go of past grievances or events?
  • Do you need help with a personal relationship?
  • Or if none of the above, try to define what your issue is, which will help you better explain it in subsequent emails.

If you live within Australia, at the time I email your treatment plan, I will also post you the recommended personalised flower essence / blend in a bottle (if you live overseas, you will need to source the recommended flower essences from your nearest authorised ABFE distributor).

1 x Follow-up Consultation (30 Mins):

2-3 weeks after your initial consultation, I will email to check how your initial treatment cycle was for you. I will offer my professional feedback on how I feel the flower essences helped, based on your feedback, and also ‘where to’ next. 

1 x Posted Flower Essence Bottle (Australian consultations only).

In my experience, working together over several weeks with personalised email support gives us the opportunity to dive more deeply into your issues; allows you the time and support to integrate the energies the flowers offer you; and finally, will ensure you feel ‘I have your back’, instead of being left out in the cold wondering what the flowers were even doing for you and if they helped at all! By knowing I am able to be reached directly throughout, you can feel totally reassured about the whole process – in reality, the initial consultation and follow-up are not options, but rather two halves of an entire process.

Just a few more things to ensure no misunderstandings during our time working together:

  • I personally assess all consultation requests before accepting any booking and payment – this enables me to intuitively and energetically ‘feel’ whether we will work successfully together and also if I am the right person to help you.
  • Consultation package price is payable prior to the consultation commencement by PayPal – once your request has been accepted, I will send you a link for payment.
  • The package prices above do not include any phone calls or face-to-face meetings. Due to my personal situation, I work only via email at the moment and find this is a very effective method of treatment.
  • Please keep in mind that if you live outside of Australia, your package will not include the flower essence bottles I will recommend for you – you will need to locate a distributor and source these for yourself (you can find a list of official ABFE Distributors in your country here).

Are you ready to book your Personalised Complete Flower Essence Consultation Package and give your healing journey some momentum?

If you would like to find out more or send through your consultation request, please contact myself (Clare) via email using the form below.

Personalised Flower Essence Consultation 
Enquiry / Request Form

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