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(I can only ship within Australia right now, sorry to my international readers!).

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Aside from being passionate about using Australian wildflowers for emotional healing, I am also equally passionate about saving our planet, helping liberate all humans and protecting animals – and one major way I play my part is by making ethical purchases. That’s right: we all have more power in our wallet or purse, bank account and financial shares than perhaps many realise! By choosing to spend our money on brands that do business the right way – that is, with consideration for all life (human, animal or otherwise) and the environment, we put our energy and support behind these better ways of doing business. This ensures the businesses that are doing things the right way continue to thrive and grow, and those businesses still choosing to stick to non-ethical, non-environmental ways are left to improve or close down. Most importantly, the more people who buy ethical, organic and fairtrade options, the less expensive they become for everyone (whereas if products stay in the ’boutique’ category, they are only ever affordable for wealthier consumers).

Recycled Wrap at Baliena Flower Therapies Organic Lifestyle Store -

100% post-consumer recycled Christmas wrapping & cards by Earth Greetings (featuring our Wollemi Pine).

What makes my online store different and how can I help you?

Having eaten certified organic foods for almost 15 years (yes, when it was scarce, almost unheard of by many, and even more expensive than now!) and learned about the many ‘traps’ around buying recycled and ecological products, I also know how disappointing some substitute products can be when you are switching over from mainstream brands. But most importantly, I know pretty much every ‘trick’ that some less ethical brands in our world will use to make you think their ‘eco’ choices are better than the regular ones you see in supermarket aisles (you may have heard of the term ‘greenwashing’ which refers to this practice). I can help you make more informed product choices by providing you with detailed information to read under each product, including why I feel it is a better option than other similar products on the market, how it helps the world, why it is better for you and other information to help you determine if it is your best choice. Let me help you make the switch to a healthier, more ethical lifestyle without the discomfort and irritating mistakes I experienced over the years. I humbly offer you this opportunity to buy products that have been pre-screened by an educated organics consumer – someone who can help you decipher the marketing jargon and choose more wisely!

Recycled Cards at Baliena Flower Therapies Organic Lifestyle Store -

100% post-consumer recycled Christmas Cards from Earth Greetings – this card featuring one of my favourite bush flowers, Sturt Desert Pea.

I only stock the best products I have found in each category (not everything that is on offer out there, just those products I personally love and use). This means you aren’t taking a risk with a mayonnaise that tastes nothing like ‘real’ mayonnaise, or chocolate that tastes like cardboard dyed brown! In fact, I promise you that once you switch to organic chocolate, you will NEVER go back – it is that good!!! And it also means that the ecological and fair trade products I stock have been researched to the best of my knowledge to ensure they are truthfully produced by reputable companies in a manner that helps the Earth, people and animals.

So browse and read away, and if I can help answer any question about a product listed, please don’t hesitate to email me at orders(at) (replacing the ‘at’ with ‘@’ of course!).

Beautiful Fair Trade Gifts at Baliena Flower Therapies Organic Lifestyle Store -

A stunning, unique hand-made and fair trade manufactured Dragonfly distributed by Oxfam Australia.

Visit my store now and enjoy shopping without a guilty conscience with a beautiful range of unique eco and fairtrade gifts, 100% post-consumer recycled gift wrap, cards and ribbon (and certified organic food to be added very soon)!

Note: I can only ship orders within Australia right now – apologies to my international readers.