❀ Testimonials ❀

Here’s some of the beautiful feedback Clare has received over the years from her past clients and students (surnames have been removed to respect privacy):

“Clare is a brilliant teacher, full of knowledge: consistent throughout the course and everything flowed and was easily absorbed. I have really experienced and gained a wealth of knowledge”.

Workshop Student, 2010

Jannine. C, South Tacoma, NSW, Australia

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and get your advice. I wished I could keep you as an “lifetime” tutor!!!!”.

ABFE Correspondence Course Student & Flower Essence Client, 2011

Anja. W, Massage Therapist, Ohio, USA

“Clare provided a learning experience that was thoroughly enjoyable. Her energetic enthusiasm for the Australian Bush Flower Essences is contagious and provides the student with a knowledge base to feel confident to being their journey”.

ABFE 8 Week Workshop Student, 2011

Leone. C, Registered Nurse, Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia

“You are a very experienced and knowledgeable tutor. I’m really very lucky to have your assistance. Thank you and have a beautiful day.”.

ABFE College Teacher, 2014

Alida. Z, VIC Australia

“I had a Dowsing reading done by Clare addressing some key areas in my life for which I needed some direction and clarification in.  Firstly I was extremely impressed by Clare’s integrity, ensuring that her energy levels were optimal before commencing my reading. In addition to addressing my questions she also used her intuition to delve deeper when necessary, even using other modalities for extra information, and I appreciate the insights and guidance that her reading has given me. Thank you Clare!”.

Remote Dowsing Client, 2013

Gail. S, Grafton NSW Australia

“I would like to sincerely thank you for the time that you gave me yesterday. The conversation with you, which incidentally I found delightful (and not only because we were talking about me!!) had some profound effects.  You have been the catalyst that ignited a spark within me and I know that there is a deep and profound joy to come for it.  You have a great gift and your nurturing nature combined with your desire to guide others was a joy for me to experience.”.

ABFE Correspondence Course Student & Essence Client, 2013

Kate.T, Brisbane QLD Australia

“Firstly, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and contribution to my learning over this past 14 or so months. Each report I’ve received from you has left me awed by the depth with which you have reviewed my assignments and the detail and thought you have put into your reply. When I read the reports I feel like my heart is pouring out……perhaps I am mirroring the energy you have put into each report. You are very perceptive about my intuition taking second place to left brain approach.”.

ABFE Correspondence Course Student, 2013

Bronwyn M., QLD Australia

“Clare, I so appreciate your support, detailed explanations, warmth, and your unique talent and skill. I am so benefiting from the essence blends that you suggest and am very grateful”.

Flower Essence Client, 2017

Laura M., Boston USA

“Clare has a very comprehensive understanding of the Australian Bush Flower Essences and their benefits and makes it a very enjoyable class to be in: with her clear presentations and enthusiasm”.

Internal 8 Week Workshop Student, 2008

Phil G., NSW Australia

“I want to thank you, Clare for your patience, support and help along all this time… You have been a very important part for me in completing the course, THANK YOU!”.

ABFE Correspondence Course Student, 2017

Esther S., Spain